Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Mother Nature--

I give thanks for the bounteous harvest &c, but enough already. To quote John Berryman, "I can can no longer." Plum jam, plum chutney, prunes, dried tomatoes, dried apples, dill pickles, marinara sauce, enchilada sauce, salsa, grape juice, apple cider, and the apples are still coming. And, since I am the kind of person who cannot let food go to waste, I compulsively put the food into one kind of preserved state or another. I have to grade. Enough with the apples.

Bottled so far up I'm out,


Monday, November 2, 2009

Ten negatives

Inspired by Donne's "Negative Love":

"If that be simply perfectest,
Which can by no way be express'd
But negatives, my love is so."

Here are ten things I'm not, for better or worse. Feel free to try this at home. Or in my comments section.

1) A morning person.

2) A summer person.

3) A sweet tooth.

4) A grudge-carrier, or slow to forgive others (but forgiving myself: another story).

5) Introspective.

6) Someone who pays any attention at all to clothes, hair, accessories, etc.

7) Patient.

8) Able to keep dates in my head. Of any kind. Birthdays. Civil wars. Monarchies. The invention of the printing press.

9) Relaxation-prone.

10) Discourageable.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


forget that last post. I'm full of baloney. I mean, I am unnaturally, unhealthily invested in The Book, but exhaustion sometimes brings out the self-pity in long and whiny screeds. I get paid to do what I love. How cool is that?