Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let us now praise winter veggies.

Two nights ago: Creamy celeriac soup, and romanesco sauteed with browned butter and parmesan.
Last night: Pasta with rapini, garlic, pine nuts, olives, and raisins.
Today: Chioggia beet and mandarin salad, and chickory soup.
Tomorrow: Rutabaga gnocchi in wild mushroom broth.

I love my CSA.


Moria said...

Nom! (And when am I invited for dinner...?)

So sorry we didn't get to meet up - I found your e-mail (inexplicably) in my spam folder only today. BUT I am so glad you found Horizons - so delicious. I am usually opposed to vegetables masquerading as meat, but they get a pass for superior execution.

rml said...

I am now inviting myself to your house for dinner.

Renaissance Girl said...

All are welcome. I take no responsibility, though, for the enthusiam of the Things to be with guests.

Lisa B. said...

sounds delicious and gorgeous. romanesco--so pretty!

Blue Cheese said...

Perhaps I need to venture north.

Leslie said...

When you get tired of flying across the country to Neruda, you could fly across the country and come cook for me! Bring the Things. I have two dogs, one for each of the things to adopt as his own.