Friday, January 1, 2010

MLA wrap

Honestly, didn't do much or see many folks. I had intended to finish my paper on the plane, and when I realized, after an unusually breezy progress through security, that I'd left my laptop at home, I lost the 4-5 hours of worktime I'd budgeted to collect my thoughts and my shit. Happily, a colleague in Philadelphia lent me his laptop, and after interviewing candidates Tuesday morning and meeting with a publisher Tuesday early afternoon, I really just worked on the paper in my hotel room until just before my panel, breaking only to go running and to eat dinner (see last post). Saw a few lovely peeps in quick passing, and got a chance to chug-a-lug some tea with one friend, and ran for the airport right after my panel. All in all, a whirlwind MLA. Three great side-benefits: 1) wrote (frantically) a paper with which I'm pretty happy, and which makes me much more confident and energized about the book project; 2) have a possible new project in development with a colleague based on some post-panel conversation (on hold, obviously, until the Book That Ate RG is done); 3) in the brain ecstasy that is last-minute paper-writing, finished a poem I've been working on for three years.


Blue Cheese said...

You are my hero. (BTW: the security code I had to type in was "schit." What does that tell me???)

Doctor Cleveland said...

That was a completely kickass paper, by the way.