Friday, July 23, 2010

It totally counts.

Yesterday: all day until dusk in a windowless room poring over very old texts in very old languages.

Today: typing in the quotes I found, to the displeasure of Word. (Microsoft, that is. The quotes themselves would be, I imagine, quite pleasurable to The Word.)

Not writing, technically. But it does increase the word-count.


Doctor Cleveland said...

Yes, it absolutely does.

Lisa B. said...

It counts. In a big way.

Earnest English said...

Hey, it DOES count as writing in my book. Don't burst my bubble or I'm going to figure out I waste a lot of time on non-writing. Can't be. If it's going to be in an article or book, it's writing. It's not like you could publish the piece without it!

Word verification is the best ever and my favorite kind of outdoors: woods