Thursday, July 15, 2010

"I'm my own grandpa" or something

I made an unsuccessful stab last summer at the intro chapter, one that didn't go anywhere because it didn't have any framing material to direct its argument. Really, it's just a historical summary of the development of the theological point at the center of my book. But aimless.

Today, I approached the historical portion of my intro chapter overwhelmed at the scope of what I had to cover. Until I came upon that old abandoned document. And copied most of it in to the present intro.

Upside: major progress, thanks to a former version of myself.

Downside: the dizzy realization that I probably couldn't have produced that same document *this* summer. I've been concentrating on other aspects of the project for so long that the narrative I wrote last year is no longer readily accessible in my brain.

Upside: thank goodness I did write it when I had that information more immediately at hand.

Downside: total exhaustion. I can't think straight about the intricacies of this issue anymore, and need to think especially now that I've got a real argument for that aborted thing to support.

Upside: in the absence of a functional mind, I cooked lots of stuff to eat over the next days: ginger-cabbage slaw; purple bean and caper salad; beet and orange salad with mint; granola; smoked tomato marinara for the arugula pasta I will make tomorrow (yay for green noodles!). Hey, this kind of non-work don't run on fumes, buddy.

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Fie upon this quiet life! said...

It's so great that you were able to use that old document. That's why I never throw away anything that I write -- even ridiculously embarrassing journals. Hey, they're coming in handy as I write my novel this summer. They're giving me insight to the mind of a college student (my protagonist). Anyway, congrats on making that summary work for you! Hurray for progress!