Saturday, February 6, 2010


What was today's activity, RG?

Thank you for asking. I freestyled 30K up at the nordic course, in a little over 2 hours. Not Olympic time, I know, but not half bad.

Did that constitute a satisfying and successful day?

It was good, in fact. But I may have to complain about having paid $11 for a half-day pass on a trail that hadn't been groomed since this week's snow fell.

What fuel propelled you today?

INXS's Kick, and REM's Life's Rich Pageant. Perhaps I was trying to convince my body that it was in high school; but more likely I tend to crave INXS on that course, owing to one of its loops being called "New Sensation."

Did the part that always kicks your ass kick your ass today?

Yes--it's 3ishK of pretty solid uphill grade with no relief at all. I start out with focus and determination and in short order I'm making deals with myself: "You can have a drink of water if you ski up to that tree up there." "You can eat a Clif Bar if you make it halfway up."

And when you get to the top of that long uphill stretch, how do you feel? Exhilarated? Triumphant? Tired?

It barely registers, because after a very welcome undulation through the forest, there's still another 5K to go to the top.

And when you finish that climb?

I'm ready to go again, baby.

Did you see the moose?

Alas, no. I only see moose when the Things are with me. Moose must love the smell of kids. I know I do.


Bardiac said...

Holy COW! You are a skiing monster! (And I mean that in the most admiring way!)

Lisa B. said...

Love that you had this happy activity today.

Renaissance Girl said...

Bardiac--Less monstrous that I'd originally thought. I was retracing my steps last night and realized that it was more like 25K than 30K.