Monday, March 3, 2008

And "seat cushion" is just another word for ass.

Hello, lurking students and fellow faculty members. It has come to my attention that some of you have found your way to this blog. Some safety information before our flight continues:

You may experience a rapid change in pressure when you enter this space--that is, it may or may not express a different persona than I seem to exhibit in class or in the hallowed halls of our institution. In truth, not likely very different--you probably just don't know me very well. I'd really rather not worry about censoring myself, since I do that all the live-long day, so if you feel like you might be made uncomfortable by stuff I say, the exit row is found at the upper right of your keyboard. It's called "backspace."


Lisa B. said...

Listen, I don't even know who in the world you are, but this blog is a-okay, certifiably smash-tastic and fully tasty entertainment with extra whipped Renaissance-a-licious on the top. I will not be ejecting from the plane, so don't abort the mission.

Also, may I just say about your recent listening: Love love love the Kate Bush--but in fact most of the time I try not to listen to the lyrics and just let the sound wash over me. Have had a bit of a hard time "getting" D-board Confesh, and have decided to give up the trying. But Odelay will never, never get old. And Beck is a boy genius, no matter how many years old he's supposed to be.

Special K said...
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Special K said...

I'll sit in the exit row and escort lame people out. Also, I need the extra leg room here (new readers of my blog have extended the welcome wagon of self-censorship). Could I get some more of that in-flight extra-whipped renaissance-a-liciousness?

yours truly.