Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mysteries of life

1) How is it possible that senior English majors, on the cusp of graduating, don't know how to write an analytical paper?

2) Or, in some cases, a sentence?

3) Why is Henry Vaughan so much less interesting to me than all the other devotional poets? I mean, he's got the same issues, formal inventiveness, and even a bit of Royalist frisson. But it's like eating cream of wheat, as opposed to Donne's Tom Kha Tofu and Herbert's souffle and Crashaw's ( pudding seems too about:) dark-chocolate-dipped fresh ginger root. I like cream of wheat. A lot, in fact. But it just doesn't seem as satisfyingly substantial.

4) Why have housing prices tumbled everywhere but in the neighborhood where I'm buying out Kids'FabDad for half the equity? Ouch.

5) Am I displacing my academic and personal anxieties onto Barack Obama's campaign? Feeling better about my life through his progress?

6) How much time is it going to take to get my [Foreign Language] fluency back to fighting trim? And when am I going to have that time?

7) What on earth to do with a 26-page poem?

8) Am I ever going to climb out from under all this teaching so that I can a) produce a conference paper by April 3, and b) get back to the book WIHMD?

Sadly, none of these questions are rhetorical.


Dr. Write said...

1) Because no one taught them. Sadly, this may fall to you.

2) Same. (I didn't really learn to write a good analysis until grad school. I'm not kidding.)

3) I can't help you here. Did someone say Thai food?

4) They are falling there. Slowly. Slowly. I'm convinced they will fall more so that we can move up the hill. Please, don't say it's not going to happen. I have to believe.

5) And there's something wrong with this?

6) Longer than you have. Summer?

7) Revise it? Share it? Put it on your blog?

8) Yes. Dare to hope!

Maybe it's just the mid-term blues and the students will be good writers next week. maybe...

Renaissance Girl said...

re 4): Now that I've written the freaking check, I absolutely DO NOT WANT the housing prices to fall. Sorry.