Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What a Renaissance Girl does for her birthday

1) Sleep in until 10am.
2) Decide against working on the chapter, even though I'm three paragraphs away from finishing it and it's about to get crowded by a semester's worth of teaching/grading and I want to get the proposal in the mail.
3) Throw the ski racks on the car and go XC-skiing for hours, with great music on ipod (Midlake, Hothouse Flowers, Mutemath).
4) Pick up Thing 1 from school and stop for gelato.
5) Board games.
6) Meet the whole fam for Vietnamese food.
7) Dessert (the aforementioned gelato [pistachio and kiwi], and killer oatmeal-orange-chocolatechip cookies invented especially for me tonight by Kids'FabDad) and Thing 1's Magic Act.
8) Dogpile with boys.

The best birthday I've had in years. Seriously.


rml said...

So glad to hear it. You deserve it. Happy birthday again!

Lisa B. said...

that sounds like a wonderful b-day--happiest to you!

Special K said...

Wowza! A cookie invented for you!

neophyte said...

Happy birthday!

Way to go with all that progress on your chapter -- and the skiing! But don't you, like, run into mountains or over the edges of canyons or something? I have this image of an RG-shaped Wile-E.-Coyotesque splay-skied indentation in the side of a cliff that I'm rather enjoying. (I remain stubbornly mystified by the West, and am having trouble picturing a flat enough space for x-country, something I associate vividly with the wide open plains of Minnesota.)

Flavia said...

Happy birthday! May this year be your best yet.

squadratomagico said...

Happy Birthday. And those cookies sound awesome!

Renaissance Girl said...

thanks, everyone!