Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Q: What did you do today, RG?

A: Not a damn thing.

Q: Didn't you have a to-do list, as you do each and every day?

A: Yes. It had, mirabile dictu, one item on it today: call my lawnmower manufacturer to ask about a replacement part.

Q: Ah. And did you accomplish this one task?

A: Nope. Couldn't work up the energy.

Q: Did you work diligently on that article you have cooking? Fiddle with that poem you've been trying to finish since April 2010?

A: I skyped Neruda for four hours and took a nap. Later, I thawed some tomato-orange soup I'd made a few weeks back and ate it for dinner.

Q: For what time must you set your alarm tomorrow morning?

A: For the first time since January, no alarm.


marcia said...

Ah! Summer must have set in for you! Delight in it for now. Alarms are so overrated. :)

Lisa B. said...

Uh, this day sounds amazing. Hope it was amazing.