Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Now we're cooking.

Personal and professional overscheduling recently = no kitchen time. A pity, since I really do manage to relax when I'm cooking. This week I've been making sure to make time for that outlet, and I have to say, (kisses fingers).

Sunday: French lentil soup with escarole
Monday: Sweet potato gnocchi with browned butter, crispy sage leaves, and toasted pine nuts

Today's a long day at school, and I gladly eat leftovers. Tomorrow I'll have folks over: Risotto with leeks and arugula; spinach salad with pomegranate arils, Point Reyes blue cheese, and toasted hazelnuts; flourless Meyer lemon torte.

And lest ye think I'm squandering time I should be spending reading through that giant stack of papers on Chaucer and those 4 grad theses I need to respond to in the next week, I say: I need sustenance, both body and soul.


Lisa B. said...

This all sounds fabulous. I want that gnocchi. Do you deliver? Also, I want some of that flourless meyer lemon torte. I like just saying "flourless meyer lemon torte." It scans.

ntbw said...

YUMMY! And, I only fairly recently learned that the delicious things inside pomegranates are called "arils" (at the same time I also that you can separate them more easily from the white pith by putting them in water), and I adore the word "arils" now.

Kristen said...

Nom nom nom.