Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mental health weekend.

I am getting my ass well kicked. The grading, the grad mentoring, the conference organizing, the teaching, the momming, the new project for which the publisher needs some material (no, not that project--I'd have told you; something else), the endless scholarly book project that has been backburnered but lingers in my consciousness (yes, I have bloggable thoughts on that subject, but no time to construct a real post).

Friday night I got home from playing host to a visiting writer, and put on my running clothes, and proceeded to watch a mindless action movie on the couch while eating fruit and yogurt. I didn't go running. I sat on the couch, and then I went to bed and finished an Icelandic mystery. Saturday I woke up late and went XCskiing for several hours--30 or 40Kish. Then went to see the stupid recentest Harry Potter movie at the $1 theater. Then made myself an outrageously decadent pappardelle with wild mushroom cream sauce, went running, got my kids from their dad, and went to bed. Today: no grading, and the week looming up on me. Tomorrow, I'm going to make cookies with the boys. I can't quite locate the energy to process all the piles of professional crap in front of me. I'm sure I will, but this weekend I can't get worked up about it.

One month to Nerudaland.

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Lisa B. said...

this, by the way, is what weekends are made of. I am trying to embrace this philosophy. good for you, and good for you again. keep at it.