Wednesday, January 5, 2011

English professors are cool!

I just found this, which may be old news to all y'all, but will be useful in my early Brit survey, in which students must jump through the recitation hoop (a hoop I'm including because I enjoyed doing it years ago):


Lisa B. said...

oooh talk about mad flow. Geozzeff had it goin on.

ntbw said...

Love it, and I'm totally going to use this next time I teach Chaucer.

I too take students on a forced march through memorizing and reciting passages from the CT, because I think it really helps them get a feel for Middle English. In my first undergrad Chaucer class (yes, I had the unbelievable luxury of taking TWO Chaucer classes as an undergrad), we memorized and recited the inevitable opening of the GP, but also passages from the portraits of all of the pilgrims as well as passages from every tale we read. Awesome! I still know most of them, but then, I am a true medievalist geek, and I love to memorize poetry anyway.