Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I made a cake!

As some know, I don't really do desserts. I don't have a huge sweet-tooth, and I don't like to measure when I cook. But I came into some beautiful local quince, and wanted to honor them with something worthy of their high-maintenance prep.

My SFAM sent me her recipe for an excellent upside-down cake, which adds cardamon and other spices. I stuck to that basic cake recipe, but baked it over a bottom layer of poached quince and dried bing cherries rehydrated in a mix of sherry and grape juice.

Just got it out of the oven. It's beautiful--the peach-pink of the quince, the dark cherries, the ooze of caramelizing all over the whole thing. I can hardly wait for it to cool. But I will, because the caramelizing will be even better.

I say if you're only going to make one cake every year or so, it should be a good one.


Lisa B. said...

My God. May I come over right now?

(you knew I'd comment on this, right? like, instantaneously?)

squadratomagico said...

Fruit-upside-down-cakes are one of my very favorite things in the entire universe, you know. And you are flaunting your possession of just such a cake in my face. It sounds scrumptious!

Blue Cheese said...

Ahem. Is there any left?

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

That sounds delightful. I have a quince tree in my backyard. Maybe I should try something like this for Thanksgiving.

Kristen said...

Damn, girl! You rock!