Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 signs I am a Real Poet

1) Almost got in a wreck on the freeway today, because I was getting a line down on a passenger-seat scrap of paper.

2) Wanted to spend the evening catching up on some administrative stuff, but went to a poetry reading, just because the reader is the editor of a significant journal, and I thought it might be good strategy to be attentively present.

3) There's a song on the new Hornby/Folds album, which I got today, about a contemporary American poet, a couple of years older than I am, whom I know slightly. Not about her work, of which the song disclaims any knowledge, but about the euphony of her name. Four minutes of PR thanks to her natal assonance. My response?: (envious mutters and grumbles.)


Eric Alder said...

You need a better arrangemenr for writing down those sudden inspirations while driving. I have small pad of paper and a pen handy.

(It also wouldn't hurt if you practices writing without looking!)

moria said...

I will admit to loving that song (and its subject, who's mentored a few of my friends). I hope you've seen the music video?