Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pass the Green Death, Denis Leary.

I'm sick. I feel like hell, more hell than usual sick hell. I didn't go running last night, and I went to bed before 10. Neither of those things ever, ever happens, even when I'm sick, but they'll be happening again tonight. I wrote nothing, I read nothing, I thought nothing. I did manage to muster up Pictionary with the Things, and made supergarlicky rescue-tomato soup (get 'em before they freeze!) with sunchoke chips for dinner. But if I hadn't had the Things to feed, I would have had cereal.

For the record, and despite my title here, I won't be taking Nyquil tonight, because it puts me in a coma. My kids couldn't rouse me if the house were on fire. Geez, I love that.

Tomorrow it will snow. After the morning school-drop, I will put on my footie-pajamas and read in bed until pickup time.


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Yikes. That's the kind of sick that needs two-three days alone in bed with nothing going on. But of course, moms don't get that luxury. Do the best you can. In the meantime, take care and get better!!

Leslie said...

Oh no!

Footie-pajamas and reading in bed is an awesome feel-better plan.

Hot sweet tea.

I hope it all works and you feel better soon!

Lisa B. said...

hope your rest shows that sick the door, and right away.

Doctor Cleveland said...

Hope you feel better soon, RG.