Tuesday, October 26, 2010


That's the last day I got any work done on the book, and I'm starting to feel a panic attack approaching, as my leave ticks away into its last weeks. Will someone please tell me that it's okay to just chill when you're sick? Not that I'll internalize it....


squadratomagico said...

RenGirl, it is so totally, completely, absolutely okay to chill when you're sick. Better than okay: it's even recommended.

Listen to Mama Magico: Sleep, chill, and get better so you can write with a clear head.


Lisa B. said...


The only things you must think about right now are soup, tea, and sleep. Feel free to remix the order.

poor girl.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Yeah - If I try to write when I'm sick, usually I end up wasting a lot of healthy time trying to fix my addled ramblings. Just remember that giving yourself time to get better is actually more efficient in the long run than trying to sort out your babbling later.

So, permission to take it easy? Granted.

Leslie said...

Think of it as a time management problem--work and stress while sick equals longer time being sick. Chill while ill, sick goes bye-bye sooner and you can get back to work sooner.

Take it from someone who worked for six weeks through what I thought was a respiratory infection and was actually bronchitis that turned to pneumonia. Then I had to take two weeks off, so I ended up sick for two months instead of the two weeks it would have been if I'd stayed home, gone to the doctor, gotten antibiotics and CHILLED OUT!

Blue Cheese said...

Rest. Now.