Friday, September 17, 2010

RBO Blah.

* This Donne chapter is not cooperating with me. I'm thinking of abandoning the pretense of "revision" and just saying "I'm writing a bonus chapter." Sheesh.

* I learned tonight that a random colleague whom I hardly know has been, authoritatively, filling folks in about my private life, about which he knows nothing. Not surprisingly, the info he's been broadcasting is wrong. I'm unaccountably enraged about this.

* When I go running later tonight, there will be no one waiting for a phone call to say I'm home safe, because Neruda's 8 time zones away. For that matter, I'd like to call him right now, but it's deep REM stage time where he is.

* After all that work, my house has gotten cluttered again. Should have just spent that cleaning time on the sisyphean task of writing.


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Wow. Gossip just doesn't go away, does it? It's hardly possible to believe people can be so immature. But it appears that's the case more often than not. Sigh. Sorry about that!

Hope that your writing starts to feel better!!

Anonymous said...

(((((Ren Girl)))))

I hope tomorrow is better. And I hope Uninformed Colleague shuts his mouth because that is just wrong.

Lisa B. said...

boo on random colleague.

as for house clutter, this is why I never/seldom clean. it's like inviting entropy to kick my ass. come on, entropy--just kick me.

Blue Cheese said...

I've got a large bat and I swing it well.