Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Can.

My mood is sinking again as I rev up the full-scale revision on the Donne chapter. Again, riddled with self-doubt, with skepticism about my argument, with exhaustion. Thus I introduce what I'm going to call the I Can Meme, self-congratulation in five eyebrow-raising parts. Though I am not one to participate habitually in memes, this one may serve to remind me, in these dark hours, that I do have SOME skillz....

1) I CAN read things at very great distance with my 20/10 vision. Which makes me unbeatable at the A-B-C car game.

2) I CAN, if pressed, gut a deer.

3) I CAN navigate anywhere, anytime, due to the weird GPS/compass in my brain; I can always point north, and I'm never lost.

4) I CAN read Irish. Used to speak it, but that skill is two decades rusty.

5) I CAN identify the make and model of most airplanes as they fly overhead.

Not sure whether these skillz can counterweight the burden of revision, but there you are. If you have found yourself surprised by any of these five, consider yourself tagged, in my comments section or elsewhere, and give us your own unusual can-do list....


Lexy and Jared said...

Airplanes? You are incredible.

I CAN hula hoop for over 45 minutes. That sucka won me a king-sized Snickers at the post-prom party my junior year of high school.

ntbw said...

I CAN explain how a restrictor plate works on a stock car engine as well as how the NASCAR points system works.

I CAN shoot both a shotgun and a bow and arrow with good accuracy.

(Can you tell I grew up in the rural South?)

Oh, and I CAN make puff pastry from scratch--not that I do that very often, but my chef brother taught me how.

dkm said...

I CAN earn my keep playing foosball.

I CAN curse in Navajo.

I CAN do 100 pushups in a row.

I CAN explicate “Structure Sign and Play.”

I CAN heel-toe through the apex of a turn.

I CANNOT sing. At all.