Monday, November 2, 2009

Ten negatives

Inspired by Donne's "Negative Love":

"If that be simply perfectest,
Which can by no way be express'd
But negatives, my love is so."

Here are ten things I'm not, for better or worse. Feel free to try this at home. Or in my comments section.

1) A morning person.

2) A summer person.

3) A sweet tooth.

4) A grudge-carrier, or slow to forgive others (but forgiving myself: another story).

5) Introspective.

6) Someone who pays any attention at all to clothes, hair, accessories, etc.

7) Patient.

8) Able to keep dates in my head. Of any kind. Birthdays. Civil wars. Monarchies. The invention of the printing press.

9) Relaxation-prone.

10) Discourageable.


Inge said...

Oh dear, I'm right with you on the dates problem. I'm not altogether comfortable with numbers at the best of times, but having a mental blind spot for dates can be properly embarrassing when teaching. 'When did x happen?' I have no idea.

Johnsons Part Deux said...

I would say some of those on your list are POSITIVES :)