Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Mother Nature--

I give thanks for the bounteous harvest &c, but enough already. To quote John Berryman, "I can can no longer." Plum jam, plum chutney, prunes, dried tomatoes, dried apples, dill pickles, marinara sauce, enchilada sauce, salsa, grape juice, apple cider, and the apples are still coming. And, since I am the kind of person who cannot let food go to waste, I compulsively put the food into one kind of preserved state or another. I have to grade. Enough with the apples.

Bottled so far up I'm out,



Lisa B. said...

well done, you. I did not nearly so much as this. It kind of makes me want to come over to your house for dinner, actually.

Anonymous said...

One Bountiful Harvest - Yx(Biggest Bucket You Have Placed Outside Your Door at Work/School)=0

(Remainder: You appear to be the witch in Snow White.)

Simple solution.