Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hey Medievalists! And also Ren peeps!

The scholarly organization of which I am an officer is updating its conference organizers' handbook, and I want to include in the revision a list of major Medieval and Renaissance listservs, to ensure that we can get our CFPs out there to as many eyes as possible. I've got the UPenn site, obviously, and then also FICINO, Milton-L, Shaksper, COURT, ROLAND, and AAIS. Any others I don't know about?


Moria said...

The Society for the Study of Early Modern Women has a listserv - you have to be a member of the society (free) to post or read.

Adam Smyth's blog is mostly Britocentric, but he occasionally posts CFPs - presumably just as he receives them.

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Inge said...

Renaissance and Early Modern Studies in Scotland