Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Practically a fish.

So I went for a routine doctor visit today, and at the outset of the appointment, the nurse took my blood pressure, as nurses will. After the cuff had exhaled, she stood for a few concerned moments, and then said, "Do you feel lightheaded when you stand up?"

See, I have really low blood pressure. Like usually around 65 over 45. There's no danger in it, except that I tend to pass out during procedures in which my body-core thinks it's under attack, like pap smears and mammograms and the occasional blood-draw. Embarrassing, completely, but harmless.

But it occurred to me today: I'm such a stress-bucket, such a high-strung and tightly-wound multi-tasker and any number of other hyphenates...but goodness gracious, where would my blood pressure be if I weren't? I have come to the liberating conclusion that MY STRESS KEEPS ME OUT OF A COMA. If it weren't for my constant and frantic jitters, I probably wouldn't be able to wake up in the morning.

Perhaps the better title for this post: Academia saved my life.


Doctor Cleveland said...

So, when you get tenure, your life will be in jeopardy? Or should we just position Neruda to catch you when you swoon?

Renaissance Girl said...

You really think I'll stop stressing when I get tenure? It's my default position.

outside voice said...

My default, too...I thought I would stop stressing when I received tenure, but I just dove into new projects (to keep the stress level up, apparently)and it hasn't slowed down yet. So you *can* continue to make academia "work for you"! ;)

sexy said...
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