Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good news/ bad news. (Together = just "news"?)

Just discovered today that the publication date of my Old Poem in Translation has been pushed back to 2010, a year later than I'd expected. Not that big a deal, I guess...not as if I'm expecting to buy a Ferrari once the royalties start rolling in. But the anticlimax of publication gets a little more anticlimactic.

The reason?: Major American Painter, upon reading the text, agreed to paint the cover. I wonder if he'll give me the original after the book is published. You know, as a little token of our shared affection for Old Poem. Hey, I'd be HAPPY to give him a copy of the book in exchange: it's only fair...

So! The 2010 publication date is for the paperback, I'm told. The hardcover will be released in April!


squadratomagico said...

How very awesome! YOu inspired a major American Artist! And it's great that you'll have a cool cover!

Dr. Write said...

I think that just equals GREAT news. But I hear you, 2010 seems like years away. But it's not. Congrats!

Lisa B. said...

I am looking forward to the Old Poem, your version, very much. And am super excited to see the cover as well--excellent icing on very very very good cake!

Flavia said...

Listen RG: you know I love you, and I'm happy for your publication news and all that. But does the world really need two modern-English translations of Paradise Lost?

Renaissance Girl said...

A sample of my work, Flavia:

Good day, sunshine!
(Book 3, lines 1-3)

She had them Apple Bottom Jeans
Boots with the fur [With the fur]
The whole club lookin at her
(Book 5, line 380)

You need to pump your brakes and drive slow, homie.
(Book 9, lines 364-5)
If you love somebody, set them free (free, free, set them free).
(Book 9, line 382)

Flavia said...


Someday I'm going to post the "15 Minute Milton" my friend HK and I wrote in college. I confess still to thinking it's hilarious. (If not quite as hilarious as the above.)

Ink said...

So cool to have inspired The Painter! Congrats.

Lisa B. said...

I did not know that that Flo Rida song was translated from an Old Poem! See how your blog enriches my life.

Renaissance Girl said...

Now that you know, LisaB, can't you just see the Fall all over it? I mean, what could be more Book Nine than "Shawty got low low low low low low low low."