Friday, November 21, 2008

Wherein another figure is introduced.

Okay, dear reader. It seems like a good time to add another pseudonym to the population of this blog's world. Not for nothing have I extended by work trip into a vacation trip in the sultry tropics. There is, I confess, a motivation beyond coconuts, one who stands about 6'2". Of the male persuasion. Blue-eyed subcategory. I've been casting about for a pseudonym which is illuminating without being unduly revelatory, and I've had a hard time. I've realized that coming up with pseudonyms is one of the hardest parts of maintaining a blog, for me. I am no Charles Dickens, apparently. Indeed, naming Thing 1 and Thing 2 (not for this blog--in real life) I found to be a tremendous responsibility, one that took two really word-centered people the greater part of nine months to accomplish. How to determine the signifier for a person?

So I ask you, fellow bloggers, how have you settled on the perfect moniker for the important figures in your lives?


Seriously, I'm absolutely nuts about this guy, and I have a feeling he'll be showing up here from time to time. So he needs a name. I'm thinking Neruda. Si?


Lisa B. said...

Si . . . or it could be [descriptor] poet? Anyway, I'm just happy about the "absolutely nuts." Awesome.

Flavia said...

Ha! I suspected there was such a figure lurking among the coconuts.

Pseudonyms are hard. I often punt, and use middle names, preexisting nicknames, or sometimes foreign-comic versions of the individuals actual names. (My preference is for pseudonyms that are a bit oddbally, but still sound like names.)

Oh, and your courier-delivered greetings reached me in Philly. Back atcha.

Special K said...

Si! (swoon)

Anonymous said...

I'm bucking for "Absolutely Nuts."

Or is that inappropriate?