Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jet lag.

And I haven't even left yet. Here's my Tues-Thurs:

Tues 9am: teach and race to get stuff done all day so that I can blow this taco stand for a while

Tues 730pm: leave school

Tues 830: go running

Tues 1030: head to airport

Tues 1159pm(!): flight leaves to hub city on east coast

Wed 5am: arrive hub city, 2.5 hour layover

Wed 730: flight to midwest city

Wed 930: arr midwest city, check into hotel

Wed 1pm: 2 hour talk on Renaissance

Wed 6pm: poetry reading

Wed 8pm: festive dinner

Thurs 9am-noon: private poetry workshops with midwest grad students

Thurs midday: lunch w/ grad students

Thurs 5pm: flight out of midwest city, to a week of well-deserved vacation in the US tropics

Thurs 10pm: arrive in tropical destination, take bubble bath, sleep hard for many, many hours

We who are about to travel (frantically) salute you.


Special K said...

Have a really good time!

Lisa B. said...

Hope it's awesome--you'll have an awesome time, I'm sure, once you leave the midwest, where it sounds like all the work happens--or, as my son-in-law might say, where you'll experience an Insane Clown Posse beatdown of the academic/poetic variety. Good luck! May your immune system be sturdy and resilient.

Renaissance Girl said...

Yeah, well, by the way, I apparently don't know jack about geography, because the place that I was was definitely not midwest, though I lumped it in with the whole prairie thing because of the flatness. I think the proper term is "Rust Belt"--with a shout out to Flavia and Doctor Cleveland, who I think inhabit that general area.

Doctor Cleveland said...

Back at you, RG! It's terrific to have you in the very general area.

And if I didn't live in the Rust Belt, I don't think I would be calling myself "Doctor Cleveland."