Friday, July 18, 2008

Things are different down here

And by "here" I mean "the south," as in the deep one, where I'm doing an extended conference gig. Here are some things to report about this neck of the woods:

1) it's awfully humid.
2) there are itch-producing bugs.
3) people here favor more traditional poetic styles.

#3 is fine by me, of course, but 1 and 2 are taxing me a bit.

This gig I'm doing is also the site of a kind of reunion with an old mentor. We fell out for a while, over personal matters, but we both seem to have grown up a bit in the past several years. I've also met a few folks, some of whom I've known electronically for some time and who've turned out to be even more delightful than I could have hoped.

This post is boring, but I've realized too late that I can't gossip on the blog, and it's not really that narratively interesting to say that I'm having a good time. So keep yourselves cool, and pray for me now in the hour of my devouring.


Lisa B. said...

Praying for you, and also praying that there will be gossip when you come back home, to be delivered in an analog format, ftf, as it were. Hope the good times trump the humidity and hungry bugs!

Pamphilia said...

Make sure to ask for "unsweet tea."

J. Newberry said...

Oh that I were cool enough to figure out who this is . . . I have my suspicions . . .