Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ending where I begunne...


After reading John Berryman’s 63rd Dream Song

Dogs pass no laws against you and knock not they your daughters up and do not to Manhattan go with your last two hundred dollars so, in general,

Dogs are A-OK with me. It’s people should be neutered and kept off the grass. People

And cats. People—like cats—are mean and always breeding and make your teeth hurt.

Plus, they’re sneaky—which is a lousy, fucking rotten thing to be.

No dog caught dead would sneaking be

And anyone says otherwise is a bullshit,

Cat-loving liar. A dog can’t

Lie, by the way—and a cat can’t tell the truth and people, at least the ones I’ve known,

Can’t tell the difference. That’s why I

Live alone—one of the reasons—with

My two dogs, that and because no one

Else will have me.

---Jay Hopler

Happy Poetry Month, everyone.


Lisa B. said...

Well, now, this is swell. And he's right about dogs (as anyone who knows me knows I would say). Great ending.

dkm said...

Somehow, I’d almost forgotten how great poetry can be. Thanks for a wonderful month of reading.

Blue Cheese said...

Love the poem. Or do I? I am, after all, a cat-lovin' liar.