Thursday, November 1, 2007

Much rejoicing.

Okay, the book proposal? Stalled. Mostly because I can't seem to write a damned cover letter. What. The. Hell! It's not like I haven't written a flotilla of cover letters, between grad schools and job applications and other publications. But now that I've squashed a book down to a 4-paragraph abstract, I can't figure out how to squash it further into one really peppy and enticing paragraph. It's like starting with a chicken bullion cube and trying to end up with something even smaller and more salty. Like a chicken-flavored Altoid.

But today, I don't even care. I scoff at my cover letter. Because my long-labored-over article got taken today, by Big Deal Journal. Contrary to its custom, the universe is being very good to me this week. I should play Lotto. I'll have to drive to the next state, but my odds are looking good.


rml said...

Once again, I join you in your happy dance. Woohoo!

Lisa B. said...

Big Deal Journal! I have always wanted to get published there! Good job! I'm filled with envy and also happiness for you!

Special K said...

I love Big Deal Journal!! Yeah! This calls for elite pie. I mean, fries!


Craig said...
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