Sunday, November 25, 2007


I have no idea what day it is, or what date. I'm on leave this fall, and my days seem endlessly to repeat themselves: write, read aloud to self from screen, mutter to self while pacing the house trying to find the right word or sentence construction, back to writing...and then of course revising, which is its own kind of hellish endless loop. In some ways I'll be glad for next term to begin--its structure, the linearity of a syllabus, and how teaching will necessitate my talking to other human beings.


Dr. Write said...

I never get anything done! But I agree that having some structure is helpful to me.
Glad to find your blog! Hope you are well!
Hi to Thing One from our Thing One!

Lisa B. said...

This sort of sounds like my projected sabbatical, which I only hope will have more tea in it than you mention. If you need someone to talk to, you have my number and my e.

Special K said...

yes. yes. and I have nothing like your excuse!