Sunday, July 3, 2011

80 minutes.

I don't tend to run distance races, because I don't (can't) run in the morning: I'm not a morning person, never have been, and I don't do well in heat/sun (headaches, overheating). But there's this halfmarathon in two weeks that starts at 10pm. So I figured I'd do a long run tonight, and if my time was okay, I'll enter the race. It'd be fun. And cool. And dark. And I ran 10 miles in 80 tonight. Not Olympic quality, to be sure, but I'm not technically trying to qualify for the Olympics. And it was 100 degrees when I started (earlier than 10pm)(can you believe that shit?!)(I miss winter)(though I did go up to 9500 feet today and there were still several feet of snow, and loads of shorts-wearing skiers). And I didn't take water tonight, so I kept having to ask lawn-watering dudes to give me a drink and to water my steaming hot head. So anyway, about this race, I think I'm in. I could easily have gone 3 more tonight. I'll do a 12 next week, which should ready me well enough to eat the whole banana. (Is that a real expression? I may have just made that up. It sounds vaguely lewd, actually.)


Lisa B. said...

You rule.


Lavi said...

You should definitely enter the race. Good luck!

Leslie said...

I love the idea of night racing! Go out there an rock the whole banana.

ntbw said...

Half marathons are awesome! Go for it! I'm very jealous of 10 miles in 80 minutes, too. I haven't been able to maintain an 8 minute pace over that kind of distance for a good long while.

And yes, running in the heat sucks. It's been over 100 degrees for the past 28 days where I live now, so I've had to get up earlier and earlier to get in runs without, you know, dying of heat stroke.

YouknowSesay said...

I say 10 miles in 80 minutes is good time.. atleast to me. I'm a collegiate soccer player but I'm not in that good of shape (I still make the whole soccer thing work tho lol).
P.s I am not a morning person either!