Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One thing I love about poetry month

Our semester starts early, and we have no spring break, so I'm done for the summer around April 12 every year. So my little ad-hoc anthology project makes it look as if I'm a very vigorous and committed blogger, when actually I'm trapped in grading hell.

From Pamphilia to Amphilanthus


When night's blacke Mantle could most darknesse prove,
And sleepe (deaths Image) did my senses hyre,
From Knowledge of my selfe, then thoughts did move
Swifter then those, most switnesse neede require.

In sleepe, a Chariot drawne by wing'd Desire,
I saw; where fate bright Venus Queene of Love,
And at her feete her Sonne, still adding Fire
To burning hearts, which she did hold above,

But one heart flaming more then all the rest,
The Goddesse held, and put it to my breast,
Deare Sonne now shut, said she, thus must we winne;

He her obeyd, and martyr'd my poore heart.
I waking hop'd as dreames it would depart,
Yet since, O me, a Lover I have beene.

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Sulpicia said...

Have you used Paul Salzman's new edition at all yet? I've only had a quick look so far, and it currently seems to be down. Good resource though! http://earlymodern-lit.blogspot.com/2011/04/wroths-poetry-online.html And good luck with the grading.