Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random bullets of WOOT!

* Rome: not terrible after all. (Though, honestly. That bus/metro/train system: ridiculous.) Things looked way up after Thing 1 and I were taken in by the elderly Italian aunt of a friend of a friend. Still my least favorite part of our Italian itinerary, but all in all, an excellent adventure.

* Thing 1 has retained every detail about art, history, architecture, literature, or religion that he learned along the way.

* Machine laundered underwear! And no international roaming on my cell phone!

* And my parents came by my house during my long absence and mopped my floors and mowed my lawn.

* And I heard from my translation's publisher, which is based in London, saying they will release the American edition next year, with its recognizable signature jacket design. That will be surreal.

* The wind tonight! My golly! And snow for the next two nights!

* My sister and her husband and baby boy have moved back into my state, as of yesterday. Into one of the very cool and rock-filled parts, what's more. She will be a park ranger. He will run a theatrical organization. I will have a cool place to weekend. With a hot tub.

* Last class's grades in the can as of tonight: this academic year officially history.

* Accordingly,from tomorrow morning until beyond the horizon: VIVA LEAVE! Which is to say: all book-writing, all the time.

* Except, of course, for the new little beets, and peas, and artichokes.


Ink said...

Woots all around!!!!

Wanna trade lives for a day? ;)

Lisa B. said...

Lovely to hear your voice celebrating. Can't wait to see you.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

See? I knew you'd dig Rome. I hear it's all about getting in with a local so you can get away from the touristy areas and dig into the real roots of the place. Sweet!

Sounds like you have a lot to celebrate! Good for you! Hurray!

Flavia said...

Hurrah to all of it! At the moment, I'd settle for having a freshly-cleaned house/yard (cleaned by someone other than me) and all my grades in.

special k said...

Woot! Woot! Woot!

Doctor Cleveland said...

Three woots! Woot!



Lexy and Jared said...

"The new little beets, and peas, and artichokes..."

My mouth is already watering. Please, please chronicle your book-writing summer with blogged snippets of delicious meals. I love food porn.