Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good/bad news: 35K' edition

Good news: I'm on an airplane. Onboard wifi is cool.

Bad news: The commute across the country to Neruda is getting old. The hours are especially heinous. The red-eye sucks.

Good news: I'm halfway through grading!

Bad news: Halfway.

Good news: I have a couple of meetings with publisher-types at MLA, and plan to talk with others.

Bad news: Is this really going to be my SECOND conference paper this year written on the plane en route to the conference? Really? (Doesn't MLA ask for pre-printed large font paper handouts, anyway? Can't really do that if I'm presenting from my laptop screen....)

Good news: I'm heading toward snow.

Bad news: ---.
Nope, can't come up with any corresponding bad news for that one.


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Good luck with your paper!

I think I would die if I had that commute to see my significant other. It's hard enough living together but being so busy we can't see each other much. I hope that you have a great time together.

Blue Cheese said...

Good news: you're back.

Bad news: I'm leaving.

Pamphilia said...

I'm also coming to MLA, and will be giving a paper I gave 6 months ago. So I feel like a total fraud! But I just posted about how overwhelmed MLA makes me feel. It would be great to meet up and catch up with you.