Friday, August 14, 2009

Anachronism shmanachronism.

Can I really not use the phrase "for thy" in a poem, in 2009? As in "on that account"? As in:

The dapper ditties, that I wont devise,
To feede youthes fancie, and the flocking fry,
Delighten much: what I the bett for thy?


But if that any aske thy name,
Say thou wert base begot with blame :
For thy thereof thou takest shame.

No? Crap. It scans really well.


Bardiac said...

thee? Wouldn't it work better grammatically in the first case?

I don't quite get the grammar in the second one. Thy getting? In which case, shouldn't it be "thine"?

Renaissance Girl said...

Bardiac, I don't think it's "thy" in the pronomial sense. I think it's a weird construction (also "forthy") which really just means "therefore."

Renaissance Girl said...

But it IS incredibly grammatically confusing--yet another reason that I can't use it.