Saturday, August 2, 2008

Change partners.

Okay. So the chapter on Herbert is not going anywhere this summer. I know that now. I embrace it, even. But I still have hope that I might emerge from August with something to show for my non-teaching months.

So here's the big plan: forget Herbert. He's too huge, too daunting a subject for me to handle in my current brainspace. And, frankly, I'm really not sure what I have to argue about him yet. Which is, I'm sure, why I haven't produced the brilliant Herbert chapter this summer. So he can hang out for a while, like a wallflower at the prom.

I'm going to try to dance with the bad boy at school for a while. I always preferred the bad boys anyway. For the next four weeks, I'm all Thomas Carew, all the time. Maybe I'll find him stimulating enough to produce something more than sighs when I sit down at the computer.

And yes, I'm aware that my figuration of this book is trending more and more to the erotic. Clearly, as Dr. Write's comment hinted, I may need to pursue other forms of dating as well....


Squadratomagico has honored me--and deeply honored I am--with this very shiny thing:

It's a pretty little award, though I'm still wishing it came, somehow, with that bony corset Squad got her lucky little mitts on.

Many of my must-read blogs have already been pinned with the mark of brilliance, so I'll follow Squad's suit and award a few, with commentary:

1) hightouchmegastore: thoughtful, witty, and filled with excellent food, lisa b.'s blog always makes me want to turn off the computer and do something, which is, I think, a good thing.

2) mouse: I love mouse. I miss her Notes of a Neophyte, but I empathize, and I await her full-blogolicious return from the abyss of scholarizing.

3) the rebel lettriste: as if the name of this blog alone didn't merit a prize. But wait! There's more!: smart, self-reflective, and unusually brave mini-essays on language and what it means to be a person in the world.

I would name more, and trumpet the genius of so many other bloggers out there, but I have a pillow with Thomas Carew's name all over it.


Lisa B. said...

You are most deserving of the shiny thing, rg! I love, too, your wit and your gorgeous way with a sentence. I'm always happy to see that there's a new post from you, about the devotional poets, poetry in general, your life, your house, cheese . . . I think you could write about anything and it would be insanely readable. You rule! Thomas Carew doesn't know what's about to happen to him.

Fretful Porpentine said...

I remember writing on a final exam that Carew could come over to my house any time he wanted. I'm not sure what the professor, who was male and a bit prudish, made of it :)

Flavia said...

Yes, these days I too seem drawn to dating metaphors to describe my ongoing struggles with the authors I'm writing on.

Moreover, a friend recently pointed out that all my most serious romantic relationships have been with men whose first names begin with the same letter. . . as do 5 of the 6 authors I'm examining.

This disturbs me more than it should.

mouse said...

What a lovely thing you are, RG -- I'll be back to blogging, perhaps, once I've reached the home side of the Atlantic. We'll see.

Meanwhile, good luck with your poets -- perhaps I should blog my dissertation woes, if only to make you feel better about your Authentic Professional ones. Or I could just send you bits of it so you can laugh / feel better about yourself.

Gros bises, ma chère.

the rebel lettriste said...

aw, dang! I'm all sheepish and stuff... (thanks.)

Pamphilia said...

Oh darn, I just nominated you only to find out that you had already been nominated. Does that mean you're ultra popular in the virtual universe?

Oh, and check out my post on bad epic- it sounds like my missing epic chapter is friends with your missing Herbert chapter.