Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Things I don't care about, really.

1) The stupid book I'm trying to write.

2) Lining up travel/ funding for my spring conferences.

3) My spring conferences.

4) How my classes go next term.

5) What my students think of me.

6) Frankly, what you think of me.

7) Any material goods.

8) Blogging.

9) Whether we hire anyone good, or anyone period.

10) Thing 2's severe pneumonia. Why? Because it isn't, as an army of doctors feared until this morning, non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Things I do care about:

1) My kids.


Lisa B. said...

My God. It's true isn't it, that any horrible thing threatening your kid instantly clarifies everything. Hope Thing 2 gets better quickly. Hope you're holding up.

Special K said...

Oh! Thing 2! I'm glad too! I hope he gets better soon.

Dr. Write said...

Oh God! Glad Thing 2 is not terminally ill! Those doctors.
And I share your sentiments. I finished my grading and right now it's hard to care about anything. I think I care about Son, coffee, and perhaps working out sometime tonight.
Hug those kids!! And have a good break!

Flavia said...

Oh no!

By which I mean, of course, thank God--but I'm so sorry that you and your family had to experience such a scare.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery--

Special K said...

Hey you, I heard Santa was in town this weekend :)

I'm ready for food any time you are. I'm hungry approximately 7 times per day.