Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Things I need:

<---These boots. Or possibly these. --->

And probably these shoes too:

And a tea chest. Yes, I need one of those for sure.

A haircut. Or rather, a hairstyle, of greater sass than my current bore.

The new Weakerthans album.

Waterproof thermal pants for cross-country skiing, because the snow is starting to fall, baby.

A good night's sleep. (Not looking good for tonight, now, is it?)

A combination compass/ altimeter/ inclinometer for my Forester. Wouldn't that be so cool? To know the angle of incline and not be left to guess....?

And holy smokes, get a load of these! Their name: if that ain't a sign for Renaissance Girl in the midst of her religio-historio-literary throes, I dunno what is.


Special K said...

Yes to the boots and the shoes and the tea chest. I kinda want a tea chest too. And those shoes. Those are killer. Have you been introduced to endless.com? Allow me. RG, meet endless.com... [witty banter continues]

editorgirl said...

Those are hoT boots.

And if you're not opposed to the drive to Bountiful, my hairstylist has an open schedule and a $15 price tag. Plus there's Chipotle.

Lisa B. said...

Can I say that it comforts me no end that you--YOU!--peruse shoes online? And I think you should have the shoes/boots/shoes/teachest . . . in fact, you should have everything on your list. We all should. I can hook you up with a hairstylist, too, if you get moved in that direction.

Renaissance Girl said...

my embarrassing girly addiction: impractical shoes.